Dundalk Bay Brewery & Distillery is a family run company, founded by Tony and Faye Healy who also own our sister company Spectac International.

The company was born by a combined interest and passion in the drinks industry. Spectac has over 30 years of industry experience in creating bespoke breweries and distilleries for a vast number of clients across the globe. Hence, our knowledge and passion for Brewing, Distilling, and producing several varieties of drinks started a long time ago. Now Dundalk Bay Brewery & Distillery is one of the very few companies who cover a spectrum of different drink categories and have a premium portfolio of authentic Irish beers, spirits, and drinks to suit every taste, flavour and palate.


Tony Healy

Tony established Spectac International in 1986 and brings over 40 years of engineering experience to the company. Tony is highly experienced in the engineering industry with an emphasis on technical solutions and business development. Brewing and Distilling has always been part of the solution-based focus from an engineering point of view. His foresight in the field and entrepreneurial spirit has attributed greatly to the success of Dundalk Bay Brewery and Distillery. 

Faye Healy

Faye is the Co-founder at Dundalk Bay Brewery and Distillery and is also the Managing Director of our sister company Spectac International. Faye’s experience in driving growth and innovation in the business has been instrumental in creating our signature brands such as Brewmaster Beers, Ravenrock Spirits and Rock-Hard Seltzers which we take immense pride in. She continues to build further brands whilst also focusing on the commercial business transformation within the company.


Quality & Consistency in Everything We Do

At Dundalk Bay Brewery & Distillery, we understand that drinks and beverage industry products are remarkably diverse. We have a highly driven, talented, and committed team of Brewing experts, Master Distillers, and Production Engineers each with their own unique strengths and expertise within the beverage industry.

We strive to ensure quality and consistency across all our production processes, and we are continually pushing boundaries to exhilarate our customers through unique, exclusive, authentic Irish beers, spirits, and drinks. We value Respect, Hard Work, Humility, Honesty, Consistency and above all, Teamwork.

Our team is ever evolving with new technologies and processes that are changing the way we work in the brewing, distilling and drinks production business.

Interested in joining our team?

We are always interested in hiring people for our Commercial/Sales/Laboratory/Production and Brewing teams. Please send your CV to info@dbbd.ie  with a reference to what position you are seeking.