Ensuring Sustainability in Brewing, Distilling & Packaging
For a better, cleaner, and greener future


At Dundalk Bay Brewery & Distillery we pride ourselves in being part of a greener, brighter future in brewing & distilling and in business. We set the standards for breweries and distilleries operating all over Ireland to reduce waste, minimise carbon emissions and overall reducing their environmental impact and being aware of same.


Our bespoke, eco-friendly facility is perfectly positioned on the East Coast of Ireland where the wild Irish Sea meets us. This beautiful vista overlooking the Cooley Mountains and the Silurian aged rocks that have existed in our landscape since 443 million years ago is our inspiration for making an improvement on our carbon footprint.

Our Commitment Towards a Sustainable Business

  • Financially contribute to our surrounding area making sure we plant for wildlife.
  • Recycle all our paper, plastic, and glass waste at the distillery.
  • Work diligently with Bord Bia on finding more sustainable sources of packaging for a better future.
  • Carry out local tidy initiatives that our staff get involved in
  • We do a coastal clean-up of Dundalk Bay and the surrounding areas throughout the year in association with the local council.
  • We provide jobs locally – with 90% of all our staff living only 20 minutes from the distillery, with some cycling to work.

Conserving Sustainable Energy

  • We use our unique steam regeneration technology to significantly reduce energy and carbon footprint compared to other distilleries.
  • We source all our packaging for the brewery from recycled waste as much as possible and use glass stoppers instead of plastic at our distilleries to lower our plastic consumption yearly.
  • We make sure to group our deliveries of stock into full loads to reduce carbon emissions from vehicle deliveries.
  • We filter our gin with natural Silurian sandstone which is re-used continuously in the process of making gin.
  • We use an automated bottling and canning system to incorporate better energy efficiencies at the facility minimising our carbon footprint and reducing yield of product.

We are a proud partner of Origin Green Ireland

We are delighted to be working with Bord Bia as a proud member of Ireland’s Origin Green Sustainability Programme. Our commitment toward sustainability and following environmentally friendly practices to produce remarkable, premium Irish beers and spirits, will be the core of our business and understanding who we are and what we stand for.

Our automated recipe driven brewing process is economical in terms of savings made per brew. By following economically efficient metrics to re-use energy we can identify various ways to keep improving our yield as time goes on. This generates a better impact on the future of our business through the regenerating of throughput in our facility which therefore creates a knock-on effect to our customer who is making a difference every time they buy our products.

We source local and natural ingredients to carefully brew and distil our products. Our whole ethos is to make better decisions in both brewing and in business to help the environment and create a leaner and sustainable source for our premium beers and spirits which we take pride in.